Sunday, 4 December 2011

Four Points to guard world peace and safe our future generation from mass destruction

World peace is taking all over the world and some of our most prominent intellectuals have already joined the mission to safe our future generation and maintain the world harmony.World peace is very important for presenting a better future and a safe world for our future generations.Every person in this world is very important for maintaining world peace and each person has their own responsibility towards the future of a peaceful world. Here are few simple ideas to achieve world peace.
Change the Way of Thinking:-
One should understand that anger, desire, and aggression are the triggering elements of many violent activities happening in this world. These emotions can be controlled by means of logical reasoning and approach. Everyone should respect and value others, disregarding ethnic background, class, religion, and nationality. Everyone should consider themselves a global citizen and should make peace a priority. Education should be geared towards promoting peace.
Educate and Promote:-
Every nation should make their education system to promote non-violent strategies, world peace, and global cooperation. International sport events can be conducted to make all countries come together under one roof. For this peaceful sport event, sport managers are very important and a person can become a manager by pursuing a sports management degree. This might be a small contribution, but a great start for promoting world peace.
Family and Community Initiatives:-
Parents have a great responsibility in teaching non-violence to their children. Parents should make sure not to have any kind of weapons or firearms in the home and should teach them to love everyone. Violence among communities can lead to great clash in the national level and this violence has strong connections to lack of opportunities and poverty. Therefore, the root cause of violence should be eliminated among communities.
Join World Peace Organization:-
Today, there are many organizations that are working for world peace. One can search on the Internet about these organizations and can join any one of these to contribute their part.Every one can contribute those organization as much as they can which will safe our future generation from the destruction.

World Peace and Harmony on respect of rise and fall of socialism among the nations

World Peace and Harmony are vary depend on political leaders such we have seen in history to till date.Much of the history of the past 200 years revolved around a single idea. It was the vision that life could be lived in peace and brotherhood if only property were shared by all and distributed equally, eliminating the source of greed, envy, poverty and strife. This idea was called “socialism” and it was man’s most ambitious attempt to supplant religion with a doctrine grounded on science rather than revelation.
It became the most popular political idea in history. Its provenance was European, but it spread to China and Africa, India and Latin America and even to that most tradition-bound of regions, the Middle East. While it never fully took root in America, its influence shaped the nation’s political debate. At its crest in the 1970s, roughly 60 percent of the earth’s population lived under governments that espoused socialism in one form or another. Then, suddenly, it all collapsed.Because its goal proved so elusive, the socialist movement split and split again into diverse, sometimes murderously contradictory forms. There was Social Democracy, which insisted that only peaceful and democratic means could produce a harmonious commonwealth. There was Communism, which extolled the resolute use of force and dictatorship to propel mankind to a new way of life.
There was Arab Socialism, African Socialism, and other Third World variants that sought to amalgamate western Social Democracy and eastern Communism. There was even fascism, which turned the socialist idea on its head by substituting the brotherhood of nation and race for the brotherhood of class. And there were those – from early American settlers, to the “flower children” of the 1960s, to Israeli Zionist kibbutzniks – who built their own socialist communities, hoping to transform the world by the force of example.After the fall of USSR in early 90's left socialism has going to vanish from the world but till a few countries are going through this way .The main power has gone capitalist counties and the world peace fully controlled by them which is not fully legal .No one can say any thing against them if any one tries that country(s),person(s) will be vanished from the world .This is the present day world peace.